Richard: Because whats this

Wind in the hair, goosebumps up and down

And my son rolls his eyes behind my back


Barbara: Could you please repeat


Richard: I caught him

My son is rolling his eyes at me behind my back

They look like coins flipping

It shows he really is a liar and doesn't care or love me


Barbara: Is this difficult for you ?


Jasmin: No way you will get a quick answer to this



_(interlude playing)



Gary: You didn’t know ?


Barbara: What ?


Gary: Remember ?


Barbara: What ?


Jasmin: Repulsive details

Buying time

I’m tired of these years of plenty interpretation of things

like pools were for picturing yourself sunbathing next to them


Barbara: Theres is something in the air


Jasmin: The smell of the damn crop


Barbara: How about a song


Richard: I hit the wall


Jasmin: Invisible wall


Richard: People said glass


Gary: I said might be


Richard: How could I not have seen that coming


Jasmin: People said glass


Gary: I said might be






Richard: Painful


Jasmin: This is making my day worse than it already is


Barbara: I thought it was a good start


Jasmin: It was precisely the opposite


Gary: Am I allowed to smoke ?


Jasmin: Can’t you see there's dry hay all over the place






Barbara: Do I hear some bellies grumbling


Richard: I hear an upset stomach


Jasmin: An ill man in a hospital


Richard: An ill man on a hospital bed near a table of medicine

and the nurse rejects to hand him a pill and a glass of water


Gary: I’m hungry


Jasmin: Can you tell precisely what you want ?

I mean your earliest manifestation of preference 


Gary: Huh ?


Jasmin: : You didn’t get this ?


Richard: C’mon

Please rephrase


Jasmin: Certainty is in best case intent

that coproduces anticipation

that goes for resolution

that bears the chance of failure


Richard: With the chance of failure comes the chance of failing



_(interlude playing)



Jasmin: What was it that you wanted?


Gary: Whats wrong again ?


Richard: You name it


Teardrop in the fire

Still decrypting it



Gary: Obviously


Can we please make some food now


Jasmin: Clarify


Gary: …


Barbara: I guess it has something to do with weight coal and friction

I mean what connects design and despair

I mean how can collective imagination go real awry

I mean liability really is the first step into moral immobility


Gary: I'll take a long hot shower


Barbara: That's not a proper reply

That's no reply at all actually


Jasmin: Just the right thing for a narcissist

like you


Ah well


Am I overdoing it?

I'm thinking the whole time that there must be some kind of parasite


Barbara: Please repeat ?


Jasmin: I think I'm quite overdoing it

I just want to make sure that no parasite will be in it.



_(interlude playing)



Gary: Am I allowed to smoke in here?


Barbara: You'll set off the alarm


Richard: That's good

Rendering emergency with an impenetrable atmosphere

Gary: Could you at least try to be less melodramatic

Richard: Inconceivable

Dangerous actually


Jasmin: Totally not worth a thought


Barbara: Unnecessary if you consider that there is more than a lifetime


Jasmin: The afterworld?

Another past?

Innocence of some kind?


You won't stop conceiving ideas for responding to a refusal to reconcile


Coherence is lurching and fidgeting like a shape of hundred and thousand dizzy rats in stilettos


Of course there is a pattern when you listen to the sound that makes


The sound is so



Barbara: I’m listening


Jasmin: Really ?


While you through some process of extra-sensory recall or afflatus might imagine that you were some

I don’t know

some 17th century juvenile living in a windmill in old Amsterdam

mumbling about the year twenty seventy nine

everyone else is here


Gary: My entire upbringing will be aimed at making me agreeable

Being deceitful and secretive will become second nature to me


Barbara: You'll realize that you were and are everybody and everything that has ever been

or will ever be


Richard: They'll come after you with a big butterfly net





Performed by Klara Utke Acs, Jonatan Ahlm Brenander, Zoe Barcza and Felix Riemann during the opening night of Mnemonic Memories, Minibar Stockholm, 2017.

With an interlude composed by Matilda and Niklas Tjäder.