Denying the Inflammability of the Twigs Found in the Copse This Morning


Suspect me of forgetfulness or overemphasis.


In a courtyard, on a mythical stage, understandable home-zone, home to the half rendered. The infatuation caused by a wink was not only rejected it was destroyed by the information that a heavy lid is something entirely involuntary. Can this still count as a window. Looks got more intense after a nice situation was mistaken for the introduction of another currency. With no excuse a coin extends into a life long effort, a long story, the tragedy of fictitious integrity and time.


:Have it. Give back double


:You have two then instead of one. I have one and you have two


:I give you six for five


:Thats not ideal


After a long pause both parties admitted that they got distracted and that the coins did carry unnecessary ornamentations. No one in charge. Feeling betrayed they let go of their sons hand, now deliberately facing away from the earth. Looking into Brad Pitt’s eyes looking into Robert Redford’s eyes. On screen chemisry. What so far appeared like the stack of bills logically accompanying the aforementioned incident are actually layers of slippages that can result from communication, traces of an urgency and noted degrees of closure, provisional things, slight results that won’t even argue for a completion, their completion or a completeness, that invite you forcefully to mistake agency for touristic expectation.


Representative sharpnesses arrived at temperature while on the other end of the room someone falls all over the place grunting as if complexity is being rewritten. All comes to a halt eventually when videos soft-edged finality is providing a moment, plot. I want to thank the participating artists at this point.





-Denying the Inflammability of the Twigs Found in the Copse This Morning is an installation and screening organised by Felix Riemann












(Accompanying sound piece and live set by Patchfinder performed on the opening night)