In Compensation of the Platonic Courtyard Whisperwas an afternoon of readings that were recorded to accompany a group exhibition in 2017.

With the participation of Vera Karlsson, Jack Brennan, Matilda Tjäder and Lian Rangkuty

Organized by Felix Riemann





Isn't it an accurate depiction of things. Multiple truths as fruits hanging low while fiction is pushing towards realization. Low hanging fruits on a swaying tree.


Whats unfolding has become material, by looking back at it, back in in time. The momentary is already embedded in sensible storyline, rendering memory as biographical unit held in place by a big world architecture of narratives.


Although it's unclear what happened it's quite clear that there might be no such consistency as found in the preconception of a lifetime of beginnings and ends, where there is instead a lot of scenes from other sources, a scattered exterior that every time anew requires a readjustment to a meaning that is just in the making.


Departing from plot and the inherent sentiment of being in charge or responsible somehow, departing from the implications of a political present, a place elsewhen hosting some coherence, remains at casual distance.


The following readings can be understood as a hypothetical practice of eying from without this quite dramatic setting while at the same time operating in it.

Jack Brennan, 11:52min
Matilda Tjäder, 07:06min
Vera Karlsson, 05:00min
Lian Rangkuty, 01:29min