Press Release:



They already from some distance identifiable as related share a meal content

'storming opinions but hell I the worst yea' an accumulation of sentiment and extremities basically behaving sincerely while they eat

Helix dreamhand while dealing with oversized chopsticks gained control over his pinky splayed it out aware of the attention which is given to

even the slightest change of posture turned his appearance from cultivated to affected

The owner of the hand A leader warrior

starts again loudly


:I wont continue denying the inflammability of the twigs from the woods I went to in the morning

to bury all my thoughts about the possibility that the elite s worthier

ca. 1 meter deep I don't know how and surely not where




:I know you feel extreme man but its manageable manageable


:could you be less I'll need a word here less neutral

Its an ok experience I feel like streaming Its an ok experience but it comes close to dissolving in some water



overflowing bathtub mild degrees


:hey luxury man those bubbles that you held so gently in your hands? You could be a heart surgeon obviously