As if the proposed eventfulness is more valid than what will be apparent four short calls by the comedian bird are introducing the scene:


Tuning in with the trajectories of the logic that a whirl has or has to have or always had a core or a center, plunging beneath some surface. It is like the ground had made way, like virtuality adapting an infiltrators enthusiasm to describe its compounds. Conduits become knowable being covered with silvery tracks; residues of intent where there is no other rubble. The atmosphere is generally divided between wishing to spend a day outside and gaining authority within


The first character is patiently observing the correlation of preliminary set-ups and their complementary extensions. The second character is politely demanding movement through stressing tempting relevances. The third is breathing normally. The fourth is articulating lack by blinking the eye, suggesting that there is no appropriate tool to address the problem


Held in place by the correspondence intensities latent scope, wondering if the lights are signaling some kind of pledge, they might not realize that evidence for conclusive statements is fading